How Do You Laminate with Film?

Laminating canvas print with a film is somewhat even more simple than doing it with the liquid laminate. All you need to do is buy self-adhesive laminating sheets, sometimes known as dry mount adhesives and cold laminate, a product that’s accessible in almost every stationery and art supplies store.

Simply remove the back sheet to expose the adhesive part of the film and proceed to position it onto the canvas. Line up all the edges and apply pressure starting with the top part of the canvas. Secure the film to your canvas, and that’s really all it takes.

There are also numerous types of the so-called cold laminate, a coating solution that not only provides vibrant hues, highlights the sharpness of the print, and adds a delightful gloss, but also protects your print from UV-induced damage, colour fading, and other minuscule surface defects. Cold lamination (just as the name indicates) is not carried out with heat and vacuum lamination devices. Instead, a pressure roll is used to apply the film, creating a perfectly protected wall decal.